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I LOVE this so Much. I wish i did this!


I LOVE this so Much. I wish i did this!

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I can’t wait for the day Dara visits Bom on Roommate and Everyone cheers for Park Chanyeol like he just made a winning goal in the WORLD CUP!



YES i totally feel the same i just really hope he is THERE ya know?!!?


HAHAHAHAHA XDphoto cr. to the owner! i just made the meme :)

HAHAHAHA Dara was probably feeling like that.


photo cr. to the owner! i just made the meme :)

HAHAHAHA Dara was probably feeling like that.

K pop couples!!!!

So i went crazy, and and after watching Roommate on DramaFever i went and looked up a bunch of 2NE1 and EXO stuff!!!!!! I totally want Chanyeol and Dara to be a couple and I want Minzy and Sehun to be a couple. It officially needs to happen!! Wouldn’t it be so sad if Dara comes to visit the roommate house and Chanyeol isn’t there….. *sigh* Speaking of Roommate! I am loving this show. And from the recent episode it looks like Bom of 2ne1 should seal the deal and get with DongWook. They have been really cute together so far. And if it happens they get to take a trip together!! I don’t know who CL should be with right now but i’ll figure it out someday. 



In need of some sexy leather/pleather/whatether pants….

In need of some sexy leather/pleather/whatether pants….

Dear tumbler diary

So I decided to rediscover tumblr for myself. I felt like this place was dying but seems as though tumblr is still living on so I decided to stay on the train.

oh snap

Poor Kim woo bin….

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Dear Public Tumblr Diary,

I wish things were different. Like only a little bit different. I wish my brother or his wife could see this but would they understand my feelings? I don’t know. A lot has happened. I haven’t seen or heard from my brother in what feels like years. And unfortunately, years might be correct. 

So the time i have had to ponder the situation, that is to be not described because it would be too long and emotional, I have come to this:

one: There were faults on both sides

two: everyone was hurt

three: maybe everyone is still hurt deep down inside

I know that I am hurt. I hated to see my parents go through something like this.

Another thing that I believe to be a problem was that my brother, although ~21 years old didn’t know my parents as well as he thought he did. 

And that is not a criticism but just an observation. My mother says a lot of things, sometimes she doesn’t mean them. Or she is just being mean. But I have learned to ignore that. 

I think that’s what got my brother. He took her too literally even though i know he didn’t take my parents that seriously. Although my brother was more of the wild card compared to me, I know they trusted him enough. 

Because of what i witnessed I was pissed. I was done with my brother.

But now that time has passed and i have thought about things I just wished we could all forget about everything. Just have my brother’s family (His wife and son) meet at a neutral place with my parents. And just say “Hey, it’s been a while” “How are you” “This is the new addition to the family”

Ya know, I never told my brother this, but since he is my only sibling I always looked forward to being an Aunt. I am just sad that I can’t fulfill that duty. I used to think “what if he doesn’t have kids? Then I can’t be an Aunt.” 

Hopefully someday there can be a settled peace.

i know one side has forgiven, forgotten (for the most part forgotten) but I wish both sides could.

I will see in the future what happens…





Do you just ever want to delete a memory from your mind.

It’s not that i regret anything that i did but I just wish i could erase it.

I spent a good amount of hours with friends, but a couple more people joined the “party” and then it was kinda weird.

Again i don’t regret it but it was just AWKWARD

It wasn’t my crowd. well it was honestly one person that showed up that made it not my crowd.

Then i look more into it.

It was me a girl and a guy. We were hanging out, and I was thinking.

"Oh no, this guy texted another guy because he felt awkward or something,

So yeah- this probably didn’t make sense. But it was just on my mind

I want to delete it. I don’t think about this memory all the time, but it’s just painful. 

It hurts muh BRAIN!